What does the coaching platform provide?

  1. Fee Saving – With our fee-saving advice alone, typical customers can increase their wealth by thousands of dollars per year! If you have $100,000 invested and are paying 2% or more in fees, and Fortrus helps you learn to reduce your fees by 1%, that’s an additional $1000 in your pocket! We’ve helped hundreds of people reduce their fees and that’s just one of the dozens of ways that we help empower your investing.
  2. Market Timing – It does exist. Ask your financial advisor if bear markets exist, and you’ll understand why you need insight into how market cycles work and why you need to invest differently based on what kind of market we are in. We will teach you how to recognize the signs of a market shift and how to talk to your financial advisor or bank. We’ve helped people earn thousands more per year than they would have using buy-and-hold methodologies.
  3. Financial Alerts – You don’t have time to monitor the markets every day and your financial advisor or bank really only wants to call you when markets are doing well. Let us provide you insights into what you need to know so that you don’t lose your capital during the next market crash or correction. We’ve protected hundreds of people from volatile markets.
  4. Training Modules – Have you always wanted to understand investing and the financial markets but found it either too confusing or time-consuming? Fortrus has training modules that will make it easier to understand how to achieve better returns on your investments.

Matthew Sammut is a brilliant individual, dedicated mentor, and insightful people manager. He has acted as both a teacher and mentor and has inspired me to reach the highest goals. His knowledge is vast and thorough in his specialty area of finance. Matthew is a forward thinker who’s predictions are almost always spot on. He is full of energy, trustworthy and a true pleasure to work with.

Alexandra DeGasperis

Executive Director, Burgundy Brick Foundation

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