Global Economic Overview

Both financial planning and an assessment of the macro-environment are fluid and always changing. There are some constants but overall both of them as well as your situation are always moving. Our goal is to simplify the core concepts and ensure that they work to your benefit. Effective management of one’s tax situation is important to preserve and grow wealth but not if it is at the detriment of your net worth. Estate and insurance issues are important for all of us, some more than others.

The world’s macro situation including the monstrous debt levels of individuals and governments and other significant events should impact the decisions you make with your investing. Jurisdictional risks are critical to understand and to minimize risks you take. We will help you maneuver through the maze of issues and bring it down to core components and where the risks and rewards are. Fortrus is committed to ensuring that these areas of discipline positively impact you and do not detract from your life. Awareness, creating a plan and implementation are keys to success. Our goal is to sure you are on the winning side.