Investor Triumph Macro Report

Getting information with no conflicts of interest and obtaining some of the best, objective information from worldwide sources is not an easy thing to do. Fortrus, led by Matthew Sammut is committed to providing you direction and actionable ideas beyond simple stock ideas.

The Triumph Monthly Report will seek to provide you with:

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  • Ways to build ad protect your wealth in such a fragile economic environment
  • Provide you with realities of why wealth is still at risk and what you can do to protect it
  • Show you how fees, both stated and hidden, dramatically encroach upon your returns and wealth and actions you can take to lower them
  • How money and politics correlate with one another, and the opportunities that present themselves from a high level perspective
  • Review and analysis of the “macro, big picture” events to show you what is truly going on
  • Some specific investment ideas that we think provide a fabulous risk – reward profile
  • Technical and cycle opportunities in the investment world that are not presented to you by main stream advisors

Our goal is not to look in the rear view mirror like the financial industry and media are famous at doing. We use history as a great tool to determine how the future may come to be BUT our focus is to ensure that we are proactive in preserving your wealth and seizing opportunities before they occur.

Take control of your wealth and do not let the government or financial institutions control your fate. Be the creator of your own fiscal destiny. Come on a journey with Fortrus…