4-Tier Stocks & ETF’s Portfolios Report

An ETF portfolio is an excellent way for investors to build greater wealth than they most likely are doing now. Firstly, fees are lower, at times up to 95% lower than mutual funds.

A thoroughly researched & independent analysis of both stocks and ETF’s in both US and CDN dollars. Fortrus utilizes both some of the best fundamental and technical analysis resources available, utilizing a proprietary scoring system to determine the best companies and ETF’s to own with the ultimate goal of building your net worth more effectively than most are currently doing.

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Saving 1 – 2% per year on a portfolio may not seem huge but here are some real numbers:

  • A $250,000 would be worth $363,455 more at 8% vs. 6% annual compounded returns for 20 years. This is a 44% improvement in wealth ($1,165,239 versus $801,784 Note: taxes excluded)
  • A $2,000 investment per month for 20 years at 10% versus 8% creates a difference of $350,302. This is a 29% improvement getting 2% higher per year ($1,546,050 versus $1,195,748 Note: taxes excluded)

It is very clear the impact higher fees will have on a portfolio.  Secondly, the timing of when to be in and when to be out of equity and bond markets is critical to your long-term success.  In this ETF portfolio analysis we also include gold; equity markets including Canadian, US, World, Emerging Markets; bond market; and cash.  Different markets go through positive and negative cycles, not necessarily all at the same time.  If we do expect a major devaluation of all asset classes excluding cash, we will be recommending you move your investments to cash.  Remember, if markets go down 25% and you are in cash, you can now buy 25% more of those same investments…a nice position to be in.

At Fortrus we focus on research from some of the best independent research firms worldwide.  One of the key criteria is that they do not have a conflict of interest by having divisions within their company that either underwrite or sell investments or both.  Clearly, it is near impossible for these firms to recommend moving to cash as their whole profit model is based on fees in growth and fixed income investments.  We have no conflicts and will always be totally transparent in all ideas we present.

Our specific monthly portfolio will include commentary that provides a thorough analysis of the economy; political landscape; actual investments; and where we think things will be moving in the future.  Our leader, Matthew Sammut, learned long ago that markets will talk back to you if you listen.  They provide key data consistently on if they will trend up or roll over and correct.  We use a disciplined approach to take away the emotions of investing.

Let Fortrus help you build wealth through our dynamic ETF Portfolio Report…