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From one Canada’s most successful investment professionals, Fortrus Financial is leading the next generation, where there are no conflicts of interest. We teach customers on market timing, minimizing losses, how to make money in falling markets, slashing fees, and overall how investors have been led astray by an industry designed for its own enrichment. The Fortrus Financial team will walk you through the industry as it exists today and provide insights into a myriad of topics. We will break down complex subjects into easy to follow, actionable ideas that will help lead you on your path to financial success.

This is the kind of newsletter you’ve been waiting for. We review hundreds of information sources per day, and using tools and methods, we provide information on how you can invest smarter.

The $360,000 Difference

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Have you ever felt like your investment advisor or bank wasn’t making you the kind of returns you have heard that others are making? Are you frustrated with them trying to sell you that 2% or 3% per year is good? With a simple change in your investment strategy, you could make returns of 6% to 10% per year.

Our fifteen-page guide will show information on how we turned a $100,000 investment into $490,000 over 16 years. A $360,000 increase over the buy and hold method that investment advisors and banks try to sell you.

Precious Metals: Gold and Silver

Twenty pages of detailed analysis including charts so that you know exactly what is going on in the gold and silver market. If you have always wanted to invest in gold, this free report will provide you the confidence of understanding that you need.

From the Gold and Silver Reportgold sample – Fiat money is loosing its purchasing power – The world is currently based upon a fiat monetary system whereby the value of money used by various countries is backed up by the faith in a combination of said countries government, productivity, resources, and political/economic policies. As governments around the world increase their debt levels in the hopes that doing so will stimulate economic growth, they are at the same time destroying the credibility and value of their money. Continuous zero interest rates and multiple quantitative easing policies implemented by major central banks have created an influx of money creation within the financial banking system, and are poised to cause instability in currency markets in the years to come.

And much more…

We are producing videos, podcasts, and crafting insightful blog posts on the wealth management space. We have over 25 years of financial experience, including a CEO that was a top investment advisor in Canada for over a decade managing close to a quarter of billion dollars.