Fortrus is a strategic investment service committed to educating investors about how to build and protect their wealth.

  • We are transparent and 100% objective. No commissions. No conflicts of interest.
  • We are collaborative. We work with you to maximize success and develop creative solutions.
  • We place our clients’ needs above all else.


How Does it Work?

Fortrus provides a range of educational and market insight services provided to Fortrus subscribers and members that include: a coaching platform, tactical investment newsletters, with recommendations, outlooks, and market insights. It also includes the ability to track the Fortrus Portfolios specifically, to follow how we turn our research and insights into actionable investment strategies.

We also provide our subscribers and visitors with videos, webinars, reports and educational emails designed to help you develop a better understanding on how to invest effectively.

We want to give you the knowledge, understanding, and information required to limit your reliance on the financial system when it comes to your investments and take back control of your wealth!

Why Should I Subscribe?

Different people have different investment goals, but no matter what you are looking to achieve there are two key areas that all investors can improve on. Risk aversion, and fee minimization!

Unnecessary risk and fees are two primary reasons that investors have struggled over the last decade! By limiting risk and minimizing, and in some cases completely eliminating brokerage fees can do a number of things for your portfolio including; enhance returns; improve your confidence, and put you in a position to succeed not only today but in the future as well.

By utilizing Fortrus services and becoming a paid subscriber, you will gain access to the vast knowledge of our team to help you achieve these goals.

Who is Matthew Sammut and why should I trust him?

Matt was a top investment advisor in Canada for over a decade managing close to a quarter of billion dollars. Many successful CEO’s, corporate executives, entrepreneurs, professional athletes and hard-working Canadians entrusted Matt to manage their wealth. Along with being a senior office, manager, and director, Matt also headed the main ‘Strategy Committee’ for the retail brokerage arm of a major Canadian bank. His experience and integrity made Matt’s foresight and effectiveness within the industry second to none.

The trust his clients had in him to do the right thing is not something Matt took lightly as he demonstrated when in 2000 he moved his customers out of stocks prior to the technology crash where 50-70% of wealth was lost by many. Despite the fact that doing so caused the firm to loose millions of dollars in investment management fees.

He purchased gold in early 2000’s when few talked about it and is up more than 500% today. Most major banks, brokers and advisors ignored this growing trend in gold, primarily because investments in precious metals often leave little in commission and fees. Matt advised many of the crash of 2007-09 prior to it occurring, as he felt that the majority of the industry were ignoring clear warning signals.

Matt’s knowledge, experience, and insights allow him to consistently make money whether market conditions are good, or poor. His years of experience in the industry have allowed him to study and learn numerous analytical systems developed by some of the smartest minds in the industry so that he is able to form a well-rounded analysis.

Matt left the industry as his values conflicted with the goals of the firms. He felt the primary objective of his job was to help his clients succeed first. Not the company. Integrity and respect for others are the core of what Matthew stands for.

Current Environment for Investing:

Fortrus Changes the Dynamics of Investing:

Fortrus enables the investor to feel:

  • Empowered and knowledgeable so they can be part of the process
  • Confident their strategy is appropriate for market conditions
  • Protected – knowing that timely revisions to their strategy will be recommended when market conditions call for it
  • Assured that products are appropriate for their strategy
  • They can negotiate fees to a reasonable and fair level, maximizing portfolio performance
  • They have greater transparency and trust in the investment process and other parties involved (brokers, banks. etc)
  • More transparency & communication with the investment firm OR advisor
  • Better equipped to be in a position to manage their own investments, rather than having someone else do it for you – saving significant fees
  • Capable of knowing whether their advisor is providing good advice for their needs
  • Less vulnerable to potential conflicts of interest, and sharp losses. Like during the 2008 financial crisis
  • They have a strategic partner who provides unbiased research and timely advice
  • They understand whether they are on track to achieving their goals
  • In control of their financial direction and in the performance of their portfolio