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Your money is working primarily for banks and financial organizations and not for you! Having a wealth coach by your side, that is independent from the banks and money managers, is your shortcut to financial success!

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With Fortrus’ Coaching and Newsletter options that provide a deep understanding of how the investment markets work in easy to understand terms, you’ll beat the average investor.

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There are two things everyone should have some knowledge in: Health and Wealth. Fortrus Financial will help you better understand how to manage your wealth.

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logoFortrus Financial believes that strategy is the key to successful investing and your strategic advice should NOT come from the person selling you investment products.

Learn how institutions systematically thrive on selling you products despite blatant conflicts of interest and how an independent Fortrus Financial strategy can help you take control. Learn More About Fortrus Financial

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Introduction to Fortrus Financial
Introduction to Fortrus Financial
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“Matt has not only provided superb service but he has done so in a friendly, careful and caring way. He took account of my real needs well. I would have no doubt in recommending Matt as a person of high integrity, intelligence, and accountability.” - David Mann
President, Ayrshireton Consulting Inc.

“I am very pleased to be asked to provide a recommendation for Matthew Sammut (Matt). Matt and I are not only associates but friends, and I am extremely respectful of not only his capabilities but his ethics, which are beyond reproach. Matt personifies class, and I very much enjoy the times we have to collaborate on business or talk about family. Sincerely, Shawn Smith" - President & Managing Director at Tech Sonic Services Ltd.

“I have known Matt for a decade and have been impressed with his business acumen and innovative ideas. He is well respected, reliable, strategic and professional.” - Akela Peoples Results Oriented Consultant, Former President & CEO Youth in Motion

“Matt is one of the most dedicated, customer-focused, Canadian investment advisors I know, and his advice on how to profit in the markets is among the best.” - Thomas Eansor President/Owner - tje solutions inc

“Matt is without question, one of the brightest minds in balanced investing. He is a voracious reader which allows him to have a very thorough understanding of market dynamics and economic trends. I have known Matt to be very principled in his respect for others and works hard to bring a balanced objective mindset to investment decisions. Not only a brilliant investment specialist, but a wonderful person who is easy to work with, and passionate about helping others.” - Peter Waugh Managing Partner at Mercana Growth Partners

Deutsche Bank – A Major Problem For The World

Financial Contagion Risks - Are They Back Like in 2007? One of Europe’s largest banks is telling us something…..and it is not good. The stock is near all-time lows. As of this morning, the stock price is only about one dollar above the banks all-time low of $12.75 in...

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Financial freedom could be yours if you are willing to take your future into your own hands. Fortrus Financial can help you build knowledge and understand a system that wants you to be confused. Don’t let them keep you away from controlling your money!

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Insight for Better Investing

Getting insight and collecting opinions is the smartest move any investor can make. Being a smart investor pays dividends. Get constant communication from us when we see massive market changes happening, or understand how to check into the trends yourself. Empowerment is our goal!


Better Returns on Investments

Returns of only 1% to 2% on your investments doesn’t account for inflation, let alone all the fees the investment company is taking! There are better opportunities available. You just need to learn how to identify them. We will teach you that!

Align Your Money With Your Goals

Unlock the keys to success by making sure you have the knowledge needed to make the best choices for your own financial freedom. At any point in your financial journey, we can help you align your investments with your goals.

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Our wealth coaching platform and it’s newsletters have helped hundreds of people just like you reduce their fees, analyze the market conditions, and make choices that have helped them increase their investment portfolio far beyond the buy and hold tactic constantly used by banks and investment firms.

We Don’t Sell Any Financial Products!

We are here to serve you and your needs, and make sure that the products and services you are invested in are working for your needs.

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360kdifference-coverFortrus Financial’s $360,000 Difference – Our fifteen-page guide will show information on how we turned a $100,000 investment into $490,000 over 16 years. A $360,000 increase over the buy and hold method that investment advisors and banks try to sell you.

Fortrus Financial’s Precious Metals Report – Twenty pages of detailed analysis including charts so that you know exactly what is going on in the gold and silver market. If you have always wanted to invest in gold, this free report will provide you the confidence of understanding that you need.